WCF runs flocks of Poll Dorset and Portland sheep, with each breed being purebred to produce breeding stock for sale as well as ensuring lamb boxes are available throughout the year.

Pigs and poultry

We keep a small number of pigs and poultry, providing pork boxes and eggs and ensuring there are always jobs to be done for our volunteers on days when it is too wet to be outside.




WCF grows a variety of fruit and veg, focussing on produce that can be preserved. Our jams and pickles can be purchased from the WCF stall at the Wye farmers market and Wye Bakery.

Our Produce

WCF meat boxes are available throughout the year, please see our order forms for Lamb, Pork, Beef, or visit the WCF stall at the Wye farmers market.




“A quick note to say that the beef is some of the best I have ever tasted …. I am lucky in that, through work, I get to eat steak in some great restaurants (in the UK and beyond), but, I have to say the WCF beef is head and shoulders above everything I can remember …. well done everybody for producing such great food, locally”

Crispin, Hastingleigh

“I would just like to let you know that the beef we had from you is absolutely gorgeous it tastes better than I have had for years. I must also say the same about the lamb. We will definitely buy from you next season”

Rosemary, Wye.

“As for the meat, I shall tell you what it was like – fantastic! I was really pleased with the colour, texture and smell of all the joints. The mince is good too – not at all fatty. My father has had his joint of topside, and said it is the best he has had for ages.”

Rosemary, Challock.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful beef box. The meat was fantastic with so much flavour. We enjoyed it so much, we also had a pork box which was just as good – the best crackling ever on the joints and the belly pork slices were yummy. Can’t wait to have a lamb box now.”

Judith, Sellindge